For two years, the Confucius Institute has been organizing the summer camp “Summer Camp of Beijing”, in cooperation with the Hanban Confucius Institute Offices in Beijing, which enables Albanian students to stay on the Beijing campus.

The summer camp in Beijing for a duration of two weeks (14 days) in the month of July, welcomes 20 Albanian students of the Confucius Institute, at the University of Tirana for an unforgettable cultural, touristic and educational experience.

Students, in addition to the payment of the travel, ticket (round-trip), all the expenses of accommodation, food, tourist visits are covered by the University of Hanban.

The students’ stay includes learning the Chinese language at the university, many activities on campus such as: games, paper cutting, calligraphy, tai chi, hotpot cooking and tourist visits to: the Great Wall of China (Great Wall of China), the Forbidden City ( Forbidden City), the Summer Palace, the Beijing Museum, various provinces such as Sichuan, etc.