About the Confucius Institute at the University of Tirana

The Confucius Institute at the University of Tirana was established on November 18, 2013. This Institute was created based on the agreement that the University of Tirana signed with the Center of the Confucius Institute, China (HANBAN) and with the Beijing Foreign Languages ​​University (BFSU). .

The purpose of the Confucius Institute-UT is to promote the Chinese language and culture. This Institute offers the opportunity for the students of the University of Tirana to learn the Chinese language with him. The institute offers all levels of Chinese language learning. Students of the University of Tirana have two options to learn the Chinese language, either by choosing this subject in the curricula offered by the faculty or by registering at the Confucius Institute-UT. Currently, the Chinese language is an optional subject in: the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and the Faculty of Economics.

In the framework of the promotion of Chinese culture, this Institute organizes various activities such as: Chinese Culture Competition; Chinese Lantern Festival, etc.